Introducing..."Veterinary Telemedicine" for Existing Clients/Patients ONLY.


To All Pet Parents ...Do you ever run into situations where you have questions about your furry friends, but have a feeling that it's not very serious?  However, you still want to speak to an experienced, reliable veterinarian about your concerns, (1) for the best interest of your pet's health and, (2) for your own personal understanding and "peace of mind?" Or, a situation where you aren't sure if you should take your furry family member to an Emergency Clinic ASAP, or not?  And, want to discuss this with a veterinarian before shelling out $500 - $1000 (in some cases less, in some cases much more...) for something that could potentially be treated at home for a fraction of the stress and cost.

Dr. Marlon & Veterinary Care Anywhere. Mobile, PLLC are introducing "Veterinary Telemedicine," to be able to help more pets and people in RTP and surrounding areas. Dr. Marlon will be providing this service through phone, +/- video chat.  A thorough history, photos, and videos of the situation are always helpful.  And, this service will be provided ONLY to Existing Clients/Patients in which a "Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship" has already been established, and also on a specific, as-needed basis. If we cannot help solve the issue(s) through our Telemedicine Consult(s), or Dr. Marlon feels that a thorough Physical Examination is critical to move forward, then a guaranteed, in-person mobile vet visit will be the next step and part of the "mobile visit fee" will be deducted.

Email or Call Dr. Marlon (at or 919.914.0079) for specific questions or to request a consult.  

-- Dr. Marlon Sequeira