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Establish a Routine
One of the kindest things you can do for your new puppy and yourself is to create a structured schedule. Your puppy will know what to expect day to day, and that will help keep him relaxed! In turn, you’ll stay relaxed, too.  What do you need to consider when creating a routine for your new furry friend?
Meals: Your puppy should be eating three times each day until he becomes less interested in the midday meal. At that time, you can usually go to 2 meals a day. Keep this feeding schedule regular, and your pup’s potty schedule is more likely to be regular, too.
Potty: Older dogs can hold their bladder for hours, but you can expect your puppy to need to eliminate about every 45 minutes. Don’t punish him for accidents. Instead, be sure to take him to his potty spot often and make sure you reward him when he goes there.
Exercise: Your puppy needs a lot of love and a lot of activity! However, be careful not to let him overdo it. Playing with toys and running around the yard will provide your pup with all the exercise they require. Long runs will be a bit much for him right now.
Sleep: Some puppies can sleep for close to 18 hours a day. Don’t be concerned; sleep is essential for growth! Make sure your puppy has a quiet place to go to, like a crate, and don’t let other pets or young kids disturb him. Work on setting a bedtime for him at night.
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