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"I spent weeks researching veterinarians when I moved to Raleigh before I decided on Dr. Marlon. I’m very happy with the care my Delilah receives at Veterinary Care Anywhere!

I recently had to bring Delilah in for what I suspected was a UTI, and Dr. Marlon made sure to call me before he did any tests. He explained everything to me thoroughly, and when a staff member brought Delilah back out, she went over everything again.

I used to work in a vet’s office and Delilah had 2 other vets before we moved to Raleigh - Dr. Marlon and his staff are by far the most professional and friendly. I don’t think they’re any more expensive than any other vet out there - vet care is just expensive sometimes. I really appreciate that prices are available on the website.

I would highly recommend Veterinary Care Anywhere to anyone looking for a vet."


"I have known Dr. Marlon Sequeira since he was a young boy scout and got to see him grow over several years into an Eagle Scout and way beyond. He has done such an amazing job building up this veterinary practice and helping pets so far in his career and as we say at each meeting...a scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Dr. Marlon's honesty and integrity are unmatched and that is what allows him to be an amazing veterinarian by simply just being himself. I trust Dr. Marlon & Veterinary Care Anywhere with my pets and that is the most important thing I want in my human doctor and animal doctor!"

"We started using Dr. Marlon when he offered mobile services as we have a very difficult cat. The vet we were using would place our cat to sleep to do a basic exam and any vaccines which I did not like nor did I think was good for my cat. During Dr. Marlon’s transition to brick and mortar we tried another vet hospital which refused to touch our cat and the vet tech who was afraid of cats to start with threatened to call animal control (even though our cat was only sitting in the carrier growling). Dr Marlon has always been willing to provide the care our difficult cat needs and I appreciate that so much. We adopted another cat a couple of years ago and there was no question that we would take to Dr. Marlon as well."

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